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Apartment Communities Benefiting from Going Green

I had an interesting conversation with Mike Whaling and Lisa Trosien on Twitter last week regarding the benefits for apartment communities going green during this economy.  A question was posed whether renters will actually see the benefit of apartment properties going green and therefore, pay the extra premiums associated with it.  According to the key findings from a Conscious Consumer Report (2009), 51% polled said they are “willing to pay more”

for ‘green’ products.

Confirming that study, published a survey stating “apartment communities that offer environmentally-friendly amenities are more likely to turn undecided renters into residents. Additionally, more than half of renters surveyed indicated they would take an apartment community’s commitment to environmental issues into consideration.” However, 66% polled in the Conscious Consumer Report said that price is very important in the purchase decision, implying that price can be the deciding factor.Therefore, management companies that want to go ‘green’ need to consider factors that will help their bottom line in addition to the prospective renter.  You may ask, as Mike did, how can the bottom line in a community with sub-metered utilities be helped? Well, I called the one person I knew would know; that was my father, Scott Bucheister.  He is a salesman at Coastal Insulation and was recently certified by Earth Craft Virginia. He commented that “going green can have a direct impact for property manager’s finances by saving money on energy and maintenance costs.” Curious in what ways? Here are a few he mentioned:

Solar Lighting or CFL Bulbs:
The benefits of using solar lighting on an apartment property are abundant. First off, it has low energy costs. It has very little maintenance. And it comes from a renewable resource as it is powered by the sun. Another benefit is that solar lights continue working even if there has been a power outage. Because the energy isn’t coming off of an electrical grid, power outages make no difference. Installing solar lighting for your landscaping needs, wall lights, security lights, etc. around the apartment community will save money. Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs will also prove beneficial to properties in common areas such as community centers, unit hallways, management and maintenance offices, etc.

Low Flow Water Devices:
Water and money can be saved by installing low-flow water devices around the apartment community. In community laundry mats, replace old washers with front-loading ENERGY-STAR washers that conserve water. In the community center install faucet aerators on your bathroom taps. Replace old toilets with new low-flow or ultra-low flow toilets or, in the kitchen, replace old dishwashers with ENERGY-STAR dishwashers that conserve water.