Corporate Relocation

An extended stay hotel takes the worry out of situations such as corporate relocation. Before when relocated to a new area, you might have felt the need to rush to find a new residence, in order to avoid having to stay in cramped quarters for too long. This type of urgency is no longer necessary. Extended stay lodging now makes it possible to live comfortably and economically while looking for a new home.

In this way you can relax and take your time, rather than feeling you have to hurry and buy something you may not be completely happy with.

As well as being designed for an extended stay, and therefore more spacious than accommodation intended only for short-term visitors, an extended stay hotel is affordable. Some of the savings you will enjoy result from the provision of a well-equipped kitchen, where you can prepare and cook meals rather than paying to eat out three times a day. An on-site laundry is also a usual feature of an extended stay hotel so that you do not have to leave the premises to do your laundry, and can do it at a time convenient to you. While waiting to find permanent accommodation as a result of your corporate relocation, you can also work from ‘home’ at your extended stay lodging, thanks to the provision of internet access and other computer-related facilities.