Furnished Apartments Tender More Than a Hotel

Executives who are relocating offices or staff who manage interstate or international projects look for short term rentals at furnished apartments. High rising hotel costs weigh heavy on the company’s budget and there is increased pressure on businesses to cut down their budget allocations due to present economic factors. These factors have an affect the corporate relocations and housing market.

What are short term rentals? These properties are fully furnished and contain all aspects for essential living. The utilities costs are generally included in the short term rentals rate; unless specified by the real estate agent or property manager. The short term rentals utilities included in this rate are; gas, electricity and water. But the telephone calls, internet or the cable TV are considered extras and may come with a price tag. You have to ensure that you try to get the best deal from the property manager which includes the utilities and some extra frills.  

Furnished apartments can help in cost cutting measures, as they offer a reduction of almost 30-40% on the costs of an extended stay in comparison to a hotel room. Fully furnished apartments can be found in many locations and in various forms; whether you want a furnished apartment in a suburban neighborhood with a garden or a penthouse in the middle of the metropolis, short term rentals will provide you with all the comforts of a home.